Featured in Business Insider, Mashable, Men’s Health, and with over 400,000 sold -- this DIY back shaver may go down as the greatest manscaping gadget ever!

Do you shave your back? Are you tired of wasting half a morning in the bathroom every other day trying to ‘get everything’ so you don’t end up with a leftover patch of hair - again?

Ever ask yourself why the heck you subject yourself to all this to begin with? I’ll remind you why... According to a recent study by Mensfashion.com, most women dislike hairy backs, but are too embarrassed to say anything. A survey of 1,000 women revealed that 90% of them find back hair to be unattractive. But only 4 out of 10 women would feel comfortable enough to tell them to do something about it.

I mean, think about it. Does the woman in your life REALLY like your hairy back? Is she telling you it’s ‘nice, soft, and manly’ but really thinking, ‘Ewww, it’s gross, smelly, and itchy’? And when it’s time to take YOUR shirt off, how confident are you? Do you get nervous and have second thoughts?

No self-respecting man wants to buy some cute little disposable pink razors and spend hours awkwardly shaving his back. No ‘real’ man wants to walk into a salon and ask the cute young woman at the desk if they do back waxing (let alone endure the PAIN).

Well, I’ve found the coolest, most cutting edge DIY back groomer that’s revolutionizing the way men (and even women) shave their body.

What is it?

It’s called BAKBLADE 2.0 and as far as back and body shavers go, there’s nothing else like it. It’s no joke when they say your back hair (or any body hair) comes off like magic!

The first time I used it I was immediately blown away at how fast and easy my hair came off. And how using BAKBLADE actually felt good...like someone was scratching my itchy hairy back.

What’s great is you can even shave your back wet or dry! And it gets better… It takes less than 10 minutes! Seriously, ONLY 10 MINUTES until your back is hair free!

How Does it Work?

It's actually quite genius! The patented DryGlide Blades are 3.5” wide, covering 3X more hair than those tiny rinky-dink blades you get at the market. Which is one reason shaving with BAKBLADE is so fast and efficient.

Another reason BAKBLADE works so well? It’s built with a long ‘S’-shaped handle. Its design virtually guarantees you won’t leave hairy patches behind when you're done!

Think of BAKBLADE as one of those long back-scratchers but with a state-of-the-art blade cartridge on the end.

Check Out The BAKBLADE In Action...

What's It Going To Cost?

Believe it or not, this is actually the best part. You get the ergonomically engineered BAKBLADE handle and a set of detachable blades for only $29.99! Heck, that’s less than some packs of shaving blades.

You can get the BAKBLADE 2.0 on  their official website here.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

The only thing worse than having a hairy back is trying to shave a hairy back. Not anymore! You honestly have nothing to risk when you try BAKBLADE because they have an awesome guarantee. And you have nothing to lose except all that hair on your back.

It’s just 3 easy steps to getting the smoothest, slickest, cleanest back shave ever in less than 10 minutes…

Here's a tip: (OPTIONAL) Take your shirt off. Walk outside. Feel your confidence soar as women gawk at you like the hunk of manliness... no, the Adonis that you are!