Your family’s memories are at risk. Protect your photos and videos with this one-click miracle device!

If your computer crashed today, what priceless memories would you lose forever?

Wedding photos. Family vacations. Anniversaries. Your grandchild’s first words. Their kindergarten graduation.

What a nightmare! But beware – it happens to more people than you might think! 140,000 hard drives CRASH in the United States EVERY WEEK.

Those once-in-a-lifetime photos and videos with friends and family – GONE in the blink of an eye. If you keep more than a few photos and videos from special moments saved only on your computer (or multiple computers), you’re asking for trouble.

Of course, no one wants to spend hours moving and organizing years-worth of photos onto a storage device. And a professional digital photo organizer can cost $500 to $2,000 or moreEASILY!

But what about keeping my files in the Cloud? That’s safe and easy, right?

You’d be surprised. Many people are quick to acknowledge that their photos are “stored in the Cloud”, but can’t tell you exactly where those private memories are being held –– or who else might have access to them. Even fewer could explain how to get those memories back without needing an Internet connection.

Not to mention those subscription costs. Paying $120 a year, every year, indefinitely? Not a chance.

What Can You Do?

Imagine being able to sort and save TENS of THOUSANDS of photos and videos, with practically no effort (or recurring costs). Then, being able to tuck that “digital gold” away in any safe place you please! Truly, a hassle-free "iron safe" for your memories.

Meet ThePhotoStick – quite possibly the simplest, least-expensive digital organizer on the market!

ThePhotoStick is a small USB thumbdrive that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

How Does it Work?

Super easy! In fact, it’s so easy that it’s like snapping your fingers and watching your old computer magically turn into the new, super-fast computer you want it to be. All you have to do is…

  • Step 1: Plug It In – Simply plug ThePhotoStick into your computer (works for both Mac and Windows)
  • Step 2: Open the program – Open the "ThePhotoStick" program
  • Step 3: Click 'GO' – ... and you're FINISHED!

That’s it. ONE click and you’re DONE. No-nonsense. No hassle. No time lost.

Unlike ordinary thumb drives or bulky external drives, ThePhotoStick starts organizing your photos from the second you click “GO". It instantly scans every inch of your computer, searches through every file and folder for your photos and videos, and automatically downloads and backs up all your photos and videos. Memory lane is now safe and secure!

PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space!

Watch How It Works Below

Think about it. What would normally take HOURS….and HOURS…..and HOURS of searching, selecting, saving, and organizing (or cost $1000s from a professional) is now all done for you with a single click of a button.

“What If I Have More Than One Computer With Tons Of Photos & Videos?”

No problem. ThePhotoStick works with multiple computers.

When you backup memories from more than one computer, ThePhotoStick clearly organizes the photos and videos for each computer by its name that you gave it when you initially set your computer up. So it looks like this…

Why Are Thousands Loving ThePhotoStick?

One of our readers, Heather H. from New York City, NY, recently told us:

It sure helped me clean up my photos on my computer and also great backup of computer. Love how easy it is to use. Wonderful product. Fast shipping. Great transaction with company. Good price.

Take full advantage of this offer while you can. Your photos and videos are golden –– but ThePhotoStick is worth its weight in gold!

So, How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Would you believe me if I said you can get an 8GB unit for only $29.99? Yep – it’s true! Heck, you can even have 8-times that storage with the 64GB version for ONLY 20.00 more!

You can get ThePhotoStick direct from the company’s website here. Make sure to buy it from the official site as there are many knockoffs on the market today.

You can get your hands on ThePhotoStick by following these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Order ThePhotoStick and get it delivered in about 1 week.
  • Step 2: Plug it in and open 'ThePhotoStick' program.
  • Step 3: Click ‘GO’…and there you go – done! Easy peasy!

Here’s a tip: I was just on their website, and as of April 30th, you can still get ThePhotoStick with 8GB of storage for 25% OFF! For only $29.99, you get:

  • An automatically organized “bank” of 1000s of photos & videos
  • Safe storage of priceless memories
  • Instant filtering of duplicate photos