We've put together a list of 15 of the coolest, most innovative, and most awesome gadgets that'll make life easier for under $60.

Genius Gadgets are words they may bring to mind smart tools, interesting items, and wacky gizmos. However we're doing things a bit different.

Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to buy them directly from the company's site, without having to pick up the phone or even leaving your home. We've also highlighted our favorite features from each!

Many of these are products you’d never even expect to be trending, but they've managed to sell millions worldwide! Let us know your thoughts!

1. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner

This is a relatively new product that is picking up steam fast and is quickly going viral among people who own glasses. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses.

Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.

In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA.  It’s easy to use, compact, and never expires! Their technology will clean your lenses 500 times!

2. FIXD Saves $1000s on Car Repairs

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing?

Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs. But there’s a new device you can carry with you in your car to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it.

If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called FIXD to instantly diagnose any car problems.

This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the Mechanics won’t be able to lie to you!

3. KeySmart Is Literally The Smartest Keychain

This handy key organizer offers a simple, elegant solution for organizing your keys – allowing you to eliminate your keychain for good. This durable key holder can hold up to 14 keys in a compact fashion, and it's durable to boot. How’s this for ultimate convenience?

The Keysmart boasts a built-in clip that allows you to attach it to any pocket, belt, or bag. You can even customize your KeySmart by adding accessories like USB drives and bottle openers to it, all available separately on the KeySmart website.